I take this journey with each family.

I treat each child as if my own.

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Placement Process

Working together with you.

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Sometimes the hardest decision to make is the right one.

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Welcome to my website

A glimpse into my practice as an educational and therapeutic placement specialist. Parents reach out to me when a change is needed.

Anne, you come in at such an emotional time.
You understand the kids and deal with different family issues.
You are the beginning.
You are the first page of this book.
And you will be here to the last.
Mother, Carpinteria, California

Despite Herculean efforts to help, successful and resourceful parents can be stymied by children who are out of control. In the confusion and chaos of a child in a downward spiral, parents feel powerless. The magnitude of the situation overwhelms hope and clarity. Worry wins the day.

Will my child’s bright promise be lost?
Will my young adult ever reach independence?
Will lifetime dreams be realized?
Will our precious family survive?

Twenty years ago these questions were my questions. These stories were my story. Italians have a saying, “I’ho provato sulla mia pelle,” which means “I have been burned or scared in this way and I know exactly what you’re going through.”

Seeking answers for my son led to a career change from my work as a therapist to becoming a placement consultant. By touring schools I gathered current and accurate information, organized it, and made it available to parents who needed it as I had. Since that time I’ve toured over 700 schools and navigated 1,000 families through severely troubled waters. And the benefits have not been just for the children. The entire family has benefited by a renewed closeness and clarity. It can be possible for your family, too.

For more, see my blog where I am posting on schools and subjects of current interest to parents.