About Anne

Is Anne Lewis for real?

We were in crisis.
We were confused.
We were searching for answers.

Did this petite woman who came into our home have the answers?
She did!
And she had all of them! Mother, Santa Barbara, California

A Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Kansas and a Phi Beta Kappa, I have Masters Degrees in both Developmental Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Independent Educational Consultants Association
National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs
Certified Educational Planner
Educational Consulting Lifetime Achievement Award

I’m one-third Counselor

I’ve been trained to understand the developmental stages of children and young adults, to assess family situations, and to interpret educational and psychological evaluations.

I’m one-third Researcher

I have my finger on the pulse of boarding schools, therapeutic schools, and wilderness programs and can sort out the best from the mediocre and bad.

I’m one-third Detective

I shine a light on what the child needs and match it to the best school or program for that particular child or young adult.  The student and parents go from chaos to a place of hope.

It’s a genuine pleasure and privilege for me to work with you on behalf of the families who entrust us with their children.  You are a consummate professional, and you radiate infectiously joyful energy.
Developmental Pediatrician

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