Placement Process

The most dangerous thing at this point is not what our son will do. The most dangerous thing is what we as parents might do. You did not let us make a wrong decision.
Father, Overland Park, Kansas

Placement Process

Consulting with parents and the student, if possible and suitable

Even though the child is my client, I work directly with the parents.

Whenever practical I meet families in their homes which gives me a unique understanding of the situation including where the students are comfortable.

Reviewing school records and psychological and educational testing

I am aware that students are much more than their test scores.

Analyzing and defining the scope of the problem

Targeting the best schools and programs

Discussing the pros and cons of my recommendations

No school or program is perfect; together we determine the best options for your child.

Communicating with schools and programs

I have strong working relationships with the most respected schools and programs across the country and can say positive things about your family that would be awkward for you to say about yourselves.

Arranging school tours

While the match between school and child is crucial, it is also important for parents to be satisfied with the choice.

Staying involved

After enrollment I monitor your child’s progress and advocate for your family. If necessary, I will challenge the school’s therapeutic or academic performance.