Student Profile

Kids having trouble? The most important thing you can do is call Anne Lewis. When she walked through our front door one Sunday morning, it was Step One in getting our problems solved. Our boy went away to a program and school she recommended and eighteen months later he walked in the front door and in those eighteen months our family had healed.
Father, Vail, Colorado

My Office Is Not a Placement Factory

There are no cookie cutter decisions.  My recommendations come from my direct work with parents and their children.  Sensitive issues are not handed off to an assistant.  I treat each child as if my own.  I take this journey with each family.

While I am a sole practitioner, I belong to a strong collaborative network of more than 40 other active placement consultants.  Collectively our knowledge base of schools and programs is without equal.  Our clients benefit from our combined and up-to-the-minute reservoir of shared information.

I’ve had successful outcomes for students with the following concerns



Unusual learning styles including exceptional brilliance

Emotional issues including anxiety and depression that may manifest as oppositional behavior, school refusal or even thoughts of suicide

Personality problems including difficulty in relating to family and friends

Issues stemming from sexual identity and orientation

Sexual acting out and misbehavior

Family disruption including symptoms of insecure attachment

Excessive interest in the Internet and video games including pornography

Obsessions and compulsions that interfere with normal development

Drug and alcohol use and emerging dependency

Delayed maturation and acquisition of independent living skills.

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